Hubinfrabus IOT Internet on Things
The HUB where we are providing infrastructure for business

OTT HÜB : Middleware and Software

A proven and easily integrated platform for heterogeneous operator environment that optimizes total cost of ownership and maximizes revenue per subscriber.

OTT HÜB Middleware and Software represents the heart of the TV ecosystem, enabling service providers to achieve functional and compelling visual differentiation of their TV service.

This multiservice delivery platform is providing interactive TV services for IPTV, OTT, DVB and a combination for ISP, telco and cable service providers. Services can be delivered over different networks: managed IP and open internet.

CONTENT HÜB : Content Licensing and Aggregation

CONTENT HÜB is digital platform, connects content owners and video distributors to deliver media to viewers on any screen. Working with film studios, television networks, producers, cable operators and IPTV/OTT networks, HUB brings premium content to global video distributors.

Our Media Analytics and Intelligence services help our customers gain more insight into consumption behaviors in order to detect trends and increase viewership.
Products STB
PRODUCTS HÜB : Storage and Servers

Servers: Rack Servers | Blade Servers | GPU Servers | High Density Servers | Tower Workstations

Storage: NAS | SAN |TAPE | Software Define Storage
UPCOMING PROJECT : Infrastructure Development in Rural and Urban

This is unique project for urban and rural development supporting Digital India.

This is a state of art mini infrastructure which has facilities like:
Mini Theater for Entertainment
Classroom for Skill Education
Food Court
Farming Education
Wifi Point for Internet

The HUB is made in containers and smart panels which are easy to install and easy to stack.
Hubinfrabus Entertainment and Skill Education